Do you offer services using Skype / ZOOM?

We reflect very carefully on how we can best support you, with our goal to always and only offer our clients the most efficient and effective forms of communication and healing.

At this time we perceive that our healing services, which include long distant healing, email and audio support are of most benefit.

What does your symbol represent?

Just as the word ‘Tayshara’ has many meanings, its Sacred symbol also has many layers; making the answer to the question “What does it represent?’ an answer with many dimensions!

It appears as a triangle, within a circle within a square – which is also a pyramid within a sphere within a cube.

The quality of these geometric shapes is something that can be felt, not only within the practice of Tayshara, but also within the practice of meditation, chi qong, tai chi and martial arts practices.



What does ‘Tayshara’ mean?

‘Tayshara’ has a several meanings.

One way to interpret the word ‘Tayshara’ can be likened to the word ‘asana’ from the Yogic lineages.

Within our ancient lineage there are in fact many Sacred Tayshara’s – healing body postures – that align the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, Astral and Spiritual bodies within specific Sacred Geometries and guiding principles.

In this context ‘Tayshara’ brings to unison the external with the perfection of internal alignment needed for transformation into the Ascension body.

‘Tayshara’ also means – ‘The Sacred Way’ or ‘The Sacred Path’ for it is an internal restoration system that organizes your physical, mental, emotional and energetic conduits – enabling you to consciously develop your metaphysical map of technology into a vessel for healing itself.

Through precise development of the body and mind, practitioners become a living temple for Spiritual energies to move through – ascension of the Spirit is made possible.

How do you understand and explain ‘Ascension’?

‘Ascension’ literally means ‘rising up’ to higher levels.

In the same vein we understand ‘Spiritual Ascension’ to mean  – consciousness that is able to move through all densities, causing it to deepen and expand itself through to the lighter and higher frequencies that naturally resonate and align with all that True and Sacred within.

For consciousness to ascend in this way it must be guided by specific principles that when practiced educate the body [temple] and mind [consciousness] simultaneously.

For one to enter the ascension stream, one must not only develop the mind but one must also understand experientially how to develop the physical body – for the body is the temple in which to train and develop the mind to attain ascension states.

Following core principles one is able to enter through the process of releasing blocks and resistances physically, mentally and emotionally – and so just like a helium balloon weighed down by rocks – as resistances are released, consciousness naturally ascends, which increases the ability to experience reality ‘as it is’ and thus experience a more heightened and deepened experience of reality itself.

All parts of you are developed. Nothing is left behind and this is why ‘Tayshara’ changes people and their lives.