'Life into Light' Is A Unique and Deeply Sensitive Specialty Healing Service for Those Consciously Preparing to Transition Beyond This Earthly Realm

Life Into Light Healing

“If it wasn’t for you and The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts walking with us on our journey we sincerely could not have done this! Both my mum and I are Eternally grateful to you all for making our journey so peaceful and meaningful.” Sincerest Love and GratitudeAugust + Mum + Nicole xxx”– N.H

* Please note >>> Due to this service being one of our specialty services, our current offer with our Insight Readings is not available when booking the Life into Light Healing. However, an Insight Reading can still be booked but usual price applies.

The Sacred Gates compassionately provides a healing service during the life changing transformation that is death – when we search for a bridge connecting us to life beyond this life – like the great transition from Life into Light.

Would you, your loved one or beloved animal companion like to receive a healing service that provides:

    • Multi-dimensional levels of care, insight and healing during this time of transitioning beyond this Earthly realm?
    • Healing that extends to family members and close friends involved in the transformation?
    • A bridge of connection to Spirit and the Higher Self path?
    • Spiritual care and support?

Life Into Light Healing

“If I could write a story I would of how Illura and The Sacred Gates cradled my loyal companion, August, and my family in their enduring love and healing before, during and after August transitioned into The Light. Thank you for healing our hearts, including August’s, and for making his journey peaceful and meaningful. Eternal Love and Gratitude” – N.H

Each client, their family and their journey is complete in their uniqueness, that is why no two programs are alike!

What does remain the same with every client and their family that we have had the honor of supporting is the level of care, compassion, respect, sensitivity, availability and alignment with the Tayshara principles of healing through The Sacred Gates Master Healers and Adepts.

Due to the delicate nature of this service once you have contacted us to discuss your needs, we will kindly assess whether the ‘Life into Light’ program is the best option for you at this time, as this program may not be a fit for everyone. If the program is a good fit for you, we can then begin our Sacred work together.


This service does:
    • Provide another layer of Spiritual care and support in addition to your regular treatment prescribed by their medical provider.
    • Adhere to the Tayshara principles for the entire healing service.
    • Provide regular feedback via email.
    • Respect our clients religious and Spiritual beliefs.
    • Upon request, create and send to you a healing image of you within your healing journey as we see it.
    • Upon request [and with an additional charge], we can provide the additional service to support the lightening of your karmic load as your Spirit transitions.
This service does not:
    • Prolong life.
    • Control or direct a person’s karmic destination.
    • Make predictions.
    • Force communication with those that have transitioned.
    • Attempt to heal dis-ease.
    • Make decisions regarding life support or euthanasia.
    • Give advice regarding life support or euthanasia.
    • Make decisions regarding medication or treatment.
    • Give advice regarding prescribed medication or treatment.
    • Assist legally un-recognized euthanasia or assisted dying.
    • Prescribe to any one religion or faith.

Life Into Light Healing

“Illura was incredibly loving and supportive in John’s last days with us. I am tempted to say that it is no coincidence that John passed away only one day after Illura began working with him. John wanted to go and the sacred gates really helped John feel at peace.” – Joe Evans, U.S

“Our Dearest Illura You have brought sooo much Light and Love into our existence. We are Beyond Happy for August ️ May he restore to his heart’s content at every which level ️ We cannot thank you enough for your love and support Illura. Thank you! More than words could EVER express. Purest Light and Love to you Illura️” – N.H, Australia

“Hi Illura, As you and The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts were such an integral part of our journey with August in his last days I wanted to give you an update to not only extend my mum and my heartfelt gratitude for all you did but also to honour the journey you so kindly joined us on.” – N.H, Australia

Price: Due to this being a specialty service prices may vary depending on your needs.

To discuss your unique needs or book this program please contact Illura here.

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