Our Insight Readings Give Voice to Your Higher Self In A Way That You Can Hear.

Insight Readings


” Amazing experience, intuitive insights to my health issue. I was given suggestions that I resonated with as well. The reading was very eye opening and gave me the guidance my body needed me to know!”– Azzah, U.K




Receive An Insight Reading

(at no extra cost)

With Your First Healing With Us!

⨀ A Great Start To Your Healing Journey! ⨀

Would you like to receive a reading that:

    • Compassionately shares valuable insights detailing what you need to understand at this time in your life in relation to your unique blueprint.
    • Answers a select number of questions.
    • Covers matters regarding your physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual and energetic health.
    • Provides practical self-care action steps direct from your Higher Self.
    • Is delivered to you as a pdf and audio file that can be read / listened to now and over the months and years as new layers of understanding emerge.

Clients often remark that receiving a Sacred Gates Insight Reading is a like a receiving a written and audio healing.

Here is what others had to say about their experience of this service  :

Insight Readings

“I’ve done a reading with Illura and it was very accurate and informative. You really feel supported and taken care of by her with her services. I highly recommend this healing session and her reading!”  -Tadd, U.S.A

“Thank you so much for the body healing insights and practical tips. I can resonate with it and found it very encouraging and helpful. It seems something good for me to do. I will try it out and let you know how it goes. Much gratitude.”  – June, U.K

“The Sacred Gates reading was very accurate and shed a lot of light on the issues I’ve been experiencing. Illura provided a lot of great advice tailored for me specifically as well. She is a very compassionate person, which shows through her communications and writing.”  – Carla.M, South Africa

“Illura prepared for me a very detailed and comprehensive reading with instructions on how to go forward, mostly through body work – because I am stuck in my head too much, but also about a change of perspective and advice that was so accurate and helpful to me. Thank you so much!” – Fabian, Netherlands.

“I’m really amazed with The Sacred Gates insights and the spot on advice and suggestions are always so helpful. They have been helping me with my specific issues a few times now with good results. Illura is such a genuine and caring person. Thank you so much!” – Azzah -U.K

“Illura was spot on with an issue she identified in her intuitive healing for me.  I loved her inclusion of an additional musical toning and personalized song. It felt loving, generous and very much tailored to me.” – Caroline U.K

Price: Our current offer allows you to include an Insight Readings as part of any first time booking for healing you make with us! * Please note that this offer does not apply to our Specialty Services which are: Manifestation Healing and our Light Into Light Healing service.

If you would like to purchase a reading without a healing the cost is $175 usd

To book your Insight Reading please contact Illura here.

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