Animal Healing

Our Animal Companions Love To Receive Healing Too!

Animal Healing

“Our Dearest Illura, You have brought sooo much Light and Love into our existence. We are Beyond Happy for August ️ May he restore to his heart’s content at every which level ️ We cannot thank you enough for your love and support Illura. Thank you! More than words could EVER express. Purest Light and Love to you Illura️ Sincerely N.H”- Australia




Receive An Insight Reading

(at no extra cost)

With Your First Healing With Us!

⨀  A Great Start To Your Pets Healing Journey! ⨀


At The Sacred Gates we have worked closely with many animals! 

Here are some of the reasons that clients contact us:

    • Illness, injury or emotional distress
    • Want to understand their pets higher needs
    • Inexplicable changes in mood and/or behaviour
    • Strengthen their pets auric fields / protective guardian chi
    • Support the progress of their pets Spiritual karmic path
    • Support the transition into their next incarnation, please see the ‘Life into Light’ healing program
    • Recently rescued/adopted and requiring additional support to release trauma from their former life.
    • Deeply loved by you and your family!

Animal Healing

No matter which healing program you choose you will receive:

    • An Insight Reading that goes straight to the root and heart of your pets unique blueprint and shares valuable insights direct from their Higher Self, delivered as both an mp3 and pdf.
    • An update after each healing, helping you to get to know your pet even more intimately than ever before and feel part of their Sacred healing journey.
    • Opportunity to receive healing imagery of your beloved animal friend sensitively created to include relevant aspects of their healing [upon request / additional cost].
    • Practical ways that you can support your pet at home.

The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts seamlessly align and allow for your Highest needs to be met within the time frame you have requested.


Choose from the following programs:

Personalized Healing


“Illura did a reading for my cat Kwan that has been biting and eating through things in our home. Her findings in the reading were very, very accurate, and after observing my cat I could notice many things she mentioned. I applied different strategies that were offered to handle the behavior and we are already seeing improvements. Illura has been so friendly and helpful. – Jada Venter, U.S


For information on the difference between our Broad Spectrum and Specialized monthly healing service, click here.

To book or discuss your pets healing contact Illura here.

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