If Someone Offered You An Instruction Manual On How To 100% –

Would You Receive These Instructions?

What Part Of You Can 100% Guarantee A Life Like This?

The Answer:

Your Higher Self.

But the truth is without proper instruction most people spend their entire life searching for it.

At the Sacred Gates we hold and protect these very instructions for we are teachers and restorers of the art of bridging with the Higher Self through an ancient body-mind practice called ‘Tayshara’.

Our product ‘Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ ensures that you develop the skills and abilities that allow you to live a life 100% connected, organized by and operating from your Higher Self!

Experience less suffering in your life.

Restore the connections between your mind, body and Spirit.

Clear mental and emotional wounds, trauma and negative programming.

Re-organize and restore your entire system of energetic networks and channels.

Uncover your hidden and Sacred Higher powers and abilities.

Remember your true life’s purpose.


“‘Tayshara’ has released so much internal wreckage from my system”. 

Matt.J /Chi Gong Healing Touch / Oregon

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!”

Brian. B / Meditation practitioner / U.K

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'Tayshara' – The Missing Link To Your Higher Self Connection.