Healing Transmissions That Unbind All Bindings...


We provide powerful healing transmissions through the 'Tayshara' lineage.

With every transmissions you will receive:

Professional, accurate & tailored email support with guided meditations for every stage of your journey

100% aligned with your unique blue print

ensuring that each and every transmission

reaches its full potential within you.


It's Time To Experience

The Real You!


We help you restore your connection to your True Self through our Sacred transmissions that deeply release and unbind…everything.

Safely, gently and deeply release detrimental self sabotaging mental and emotional patterns, wounds, traumas, narratives and negative programming that is corrupting your life.



A natural consequence of unbinding all that is bound is the activation of your innate gifts and Masteries.

Everyone has gifts within to uncover. These gifts get activated & discovered by you when the essence of the 'Tayshara lineage unlocks the many forms within that have bound up your potential thus far.



The ability to let go of layers of constriction brings incredible healing into your life & the world at large.

Absorb, saturate and familiarize yourself with the qualities made available to you through our lineage. Allow the flow of the Purest Light to  heal you and your life as you move through deep & expansive levels of infinite, restorative stillness and inner peace.


You Have A Destiny. 

Your Destination? 

To Fully Connect & Live From

Your True Self!


But Do You Know How To Organize Your Body and Mind For

This Spiritual Journey? 


Many of us are living out our lives enduring the burden of constricting patterns of tension throughout our bodies and minds.

Excessive tension within the bodies energetic networks, rivers and streams blocks the flow of Higher Self energy – preventing us from ever fully experiencing ourselves and each other beyond the layers of struggle and constrictions of the Ego - where a truly released perspective awaits you!

Instead many of us continue to constrict and suffer through repeating patterns of mental and emotional pain, which often lead to chronic pain felt within the body.

The truth is, without proper instruction the majority of people experiencing life in this way spend their entire life searching for what we offer at The Sacred Gates

  Deep Immersion With The Pure Essence Of The 'TAYSHARA' Lineage -

healing transmission light

Specialized Transmissions from the Tayshara lineage


Receive the blue print of Sacred spiritual frequencies from our esteemed lineage, known to those that found us as 'THE VERY ESSENCE OF HEALING'.

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We can without reservation recommend the teachers and Masters of the Sacred Gates to any seeking attainment through the Higher self and Enlightenment path. Though their outer form or methodology may differ in some regards to ours, what truly matters, within or beyond the outer form, their practices and transmissions are of the same infinite, pure, Higher self and Enlightenment qualities.

~ The Life Mastery Guild

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!”

~Brian.B / Meditation practitioner / U.K

"'Tayshara' has released so much internal wreckage from my system". 

~ Matt.J / Chi Gong Healing Touch / Oregon

healing tree of life


The Sacred Gates is, and has been for some time, a stronghold where development of the Spirit is made real for those truly seeking and willing to awaken their Higher potential for Spiritual transformation.

As practitioners and teachers of the Tayshara lineage, we facilitate the development of our clients spiritual conduits so that the Light of their Higher bodies effortlessly passes through them – healing is inevitable.

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It's Time To Experience The Real You.