Have you always known that you had the potential for much greater things but continually felt held back somehow whether by unseen forces, energy drain or emotional brick walls?  If so, any of the points below could be the cause and Tayshara Restorations will allow you to become renewed and to remember and awaken your greatest potential…

Tayshara Restoration

  • Restore the connections between your mind, body and Spirit.
  • Clear mental and emotional wounds, trauma and negative programming.
  • Safely dissolve and release psychic implants (a major cause of unseen energy drain).
  • Restore balance between your entire energetic network, major and minor chakras and channels.
  • Find your hidden and sacred higher powers and abilities.
  • Remember your true life purpose.

“My restoration has released so much internal wreckage from my system”.

Matt.J / Chi Gong / Healing Touch / Oregon
The restoration from the Sacred Gates has absolutely cleared the cobwebs that I’d been living with for most of my life from my mind and body.  For the first time I feel in control of my life.”

Lauren.B / C.A
“Before I was just not aware of how much I wasn’t aware of in me that was just… how do I put it… just not right”.  My restoration dissolved so many psychic implants that I didn’t know were there which had been blocking my awareness and making me sick.  I finally feel empowered, have found my psychic abilities again and remember my true life purpose.
Maria.K / Australia

Tayshara Is Spiritually Awakening You