about the sacred gatesThere has always been a need for healing, yet not all healing lineages have withstood the tests of time in order to strengthen those who seek it.

Many lineages are known and practiced today, yet how many have risen yet without adequate protection fallen, lost to the tides of time?

Healing lineages need protection in order to survive.

This is where The Life Mastery Guild must be named.

The Life Mastery Guild is a foundation that gives functionality and roots to all beings in whatever reality, plane or dimension that they exist, including those in this reality that truly seek the Higher Self and Enlightenment path.

And while their goal is singular, The Life Mastery Guild works with multidimensional unerring accuracy in guiding their students to their own realization of this singular purpose –  Higher Self actualization.

If not for The Guild, the Tayshara lineage would have fallen like so many.

Instead it is standing strong and here for you today because of those who dedicated their lives to upholding the values that The Guild has fought for and built itself upon.

The Sacred Gates are a circle of Master Healers and High-level Adepts who are guardians and protectors of the ancient healing lineage known as Tayshara.

Illura, practitioner and instructor of the Tayshara lineage, is a multidimensional channel to The Sacred Gates.

For more information on her background in the healing arts click here.

It is her honor to offer healing through The Sacred Gates, as it is an honor to be a student of The Guild ~ for without either there would be no healing service like the one offered to you here.

Welcome to The Sacred Gates!

the sacred gates

The Purest Light to You.

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If you are seeking to develop your Spiritual foundations through immersion training on the Higher Self and Enlightenment path, please refer to The Life Mastery Guild here.

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