What If You Could Have a Body and Mind Fully Capable of Releasing All That Baggage You've Been Carrying Around — imagine being accomplished at the one life skill that brings true peace - the skill of letting go?

You know that letting go of stress makes you feel happier, lighter, friendlier, stronger, clearer, more evolved, more joyful and more empowered AND YES more full of peace!

And DEEP DOWN you also know that the only way to feeling true inner peace comes from being able to truly release all that no longer serves.

You are more than aware of these heavy bags you’ve been carrying!

You want to let them go!

Everyone keeps talking about ‘letting go‘… ‘let it go’…

OK ?  눈_눈  « deep breath »

(╯▔皿▔)╯📢 “So, where-o-where are the damn instructions …please”?

You are in just the right place!

That’s where I, Illura come in and through me, The Sacred Gate’s Masters!

We specialize in supporting people just like you learn how to let go of long held physical tensions, habitual patterns of stress felt through your thoughts and feelings and complete energetic and karmic release through our healing transmissions, audio products and consultations.

Our combined experience, knowledge and practice guides and contributes to your well-being, ensuring that you are in the process of developing the ability to – at will – experience inner peace within your body and your mind.

Why do we want to help?

Because you deserve to feel more at peace within yourself and benefit from all the healing that will follow!

The truth is there are many moving parts to your journey of Spiritual development and awakening – and if you are serious you don’t want to waste your time [or money] with mystical, abstract Spiritual concepts that in the end do nothing for YOUR ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT !

« trying to make a point   ̄︶ ̄)↗ here with all these capital letters! » 

That is why we at The Sacred Gates are committed Tayshara practitioners – dedicated to helping you learn how to understand and embody the principles that we ourselves understand and embody – so that you too can get real results and transform what needs to be transformed in your life!

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Receive a 20 minute audio discourse by signing up below, where I will share with you several of what I call the ‘Major Missing Pieces’.

These ‘Missing Pieces’ were MAJOR for me because once I understood this knowledge it actually re-shaped the way I related to my body, my mind, healing, dis-ease and my Self as a Spiritual Being of Light!

It just might offer you something of value too!


And I look forward to supporting you on your journey to increasing levels of inner comfort, inner peace and life empowerment!

The Purest Light to You from myself and The Sacred Gates Masters.

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