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Family Healing


“After many years of animosity and feeling misunderstood, my family has finally started to open up and actually communicate with one another. It’s as though there is a feeling of trust that never existed. Thank you Illura and The Sacred Gates for providing us much needed family healing.” – N.H, Australia

* Please note >>> Due to this service being one of our specialty services, our current offer with our Insight Readings is not available when booking a Family Healing. However, an Insight Reading can still be booked but usual price applies.

Offering healing to your family can have a deeply positive effect not only on your own Spiritual development but to all members of your family.

Family healing is for all families, whether it be:

    • an individual within your family
    • a parent/child relationship [see Child healing].
    • an entire generation
    • families living together or apart
    • families that are positively connecting or families that are experiencing more emotional distance at this time.

In alignment with the principles of Tayshara, all of our healing services including ‘family healing’ offers healing–this means that we do not force healing in any way.

Providing healing as an offering could be likened to arriving at a dinner party with the most delicious platter of high-quality, nourishing food and simply placing this platter on the table.

Those who take from the offer do so through their free will and those who do not do so through their free will.

Due to the karmically complex nature of families this service is available for those that respect and understand free will as a source of nourishment and healing for everyone in their family including themselves.

Family Healing
This service does offer:
    • Multi-dimensional healing for the entire family.
    • Regular email communication.
    • The option for individual family members to also receive healing while receiving whole family healing [upon request with additional cost].
    • The option for the entire family to receive individual and/or whole family Sacred multi-directional drum healing [upon request with additional cost].
This service does not:
    • Force healing or beliefs onto any member of the family.
    • Control or direct a person’s karmic destination.
    • Make predictions for any family member.

Price: Due to this being a specialty service prices may vary depending on your needs.

To book and discuss your Family healing contact Illura here.

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