What Is Going On For Your Child? Get The Bigger Picture & Help Your Child Heal.

Child Healing

“We got a reading, healing and personalized guided audio healing for our daughter who is 10 years old. Wow! We could not be happier with the kind, compassionate and responsive service from Illura. She is skilled in her understanding of kids and was able to pinpoint things that my husband and I had not picked up on. Thank you so much for your help and this service comes highly recommended from us!”– The Wilson family, Australia




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Illura is a fully qualified and experienced Kinesiologist and Early Years consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the field. She is also a parent.

I am sure you would agree that raising a child is very far from easy!

Our children [and teenagers] need us to have a well-maintained set of tools in our parenting tool kit to support them. But what if we meet challenges that we simply don’t have the answers to – that we don’t have the tools to fix?

At The Sacred Gates we have worked with children and parents just like you!

Here are some of the reasons that parents contact us:

Child Healing
    • A deeper more expanded look into issues the child faces
    • Supporting an anxious, fearful child
    • Sudden inexplicable changes in mood and/or behaviour.
    • Soothing and healing parent/child disharmony
    • Nightmares
    • Feeling un-grounded
    • Supporting a fostered or adopted child
    • Psychic protection for a child’s auric fields
    • Strengthening a child’s guardian chi and immune system
    • A reading & healing as gift to a child
    • Healing/re-balancing their essential energy systems
    • Supporting and clarifying a child’s Spiritual progress

The Sacred Gates offers parents and their children:

    • Unique and personal insights that lovingly and accurately discern your child and you.
    • Practical information that can be applied right away.
    • Healing that is tailored specifically for the Highest needs of your child.
    • Option to include healing imagery of your child [upon request at additional cost].
    • Option to include a guided audio healing designed specifically for your child [upon request at additional cost].
    • This service includes an in-depth Insight Reading sent as both an mp3 and pdf.

The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts seamlessly align and allow for your Highest needs to be met within the time frame you have requested.

Child Healing

Choose from the following programs:

Personalized Healing

“My 13 year old son Anand received a reading that was really spot on for him. We have both listened to it several times. The practice he was given must be done every night and so far he is really enjoying how it makes him feel. He just has to keep doing it! Thank you and God bless!” – Janet Phines, U.S

For information on the difference between our Broad Spectrum and Specialized monthly healing service, click here.

To book and discuss your Child’s healing contact Illura here.

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