The Sacred Gates offers one-on-one training to practitioners who would like to develop themselves on the Higher Self and Self-Healing path.

Places are limited as we only take on a very small number of students at one time.

Currently we have our maximum number of students enrolled, but if you would like to look at enrolling please do contact us here.

trainingAll teachings are in alignment with Tayshara’s core healing principles:

  • To cause no harm to either yourself or another.
  • To learn the art of letting go, safe release and aligning and integrating the Higher Self through specific guidelines and practices in alignment with the teachings taught through The Life Mastery Guild.

This training is best suited to:

  • Practitioners who follow instruction so as to cause no harm to themselves or anyone else.
  • Beginners ready to commit to daily practice and learning the basics before anything else.
  • Students from The Life Mastery Guild with a foundation level in the basics who want to apply these foundations to specific areas of interest.

What to expect:

  • Students will receive teachings and practices that reflect their current level of understanding and development.
  • Teaching is offered through email and when necessary through audio and video.
  • Correspondence is with Illura who works as a channel to The Sacred Gates Masters and adepts for the benefit of your Highest needs and Higher Self-development.
  • Daily practice is the secret to success for any learning journey! Students are expected to practice a minimum of 30 minutes each day in order to develop themselves alongside the support of The Sacred Gates.
  • The period of teacher training covers a 12 month period and can be paid for monthly, in 3 or 6 month blocks or paid upfront. [Please contact Illura more more information].

To inquire about enrollment, please contact Illura here