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Personalized Healing

“Illura has been a continual source of insight and support to me. I am amazed at how meticulous and caring her emails are and the changes I am going through are really valuable. My gratitude runs deep for the service she and The Sacred Gates Masters offer” – Meiken Jensen, Denmark.



Receive an Insight Reading

(at no extra cost)

With Your First Healing With Us!

⨀ A Great Start To Your Healing Journey! ⨀

Would you like to receive a personalized healing service that:

    • Dissolves obstacles blocking your Higher Self connection.
    • Includes a reading that goes straight to the root and heart of your unique blueprint–sharing valuable insights direct from your Higher Self [mp3 and pdf].
    • Clarifies the pathways of Light throughout your karmic blueprint.
    • Tailors healing to your specific needs.
    • Provides compassionate, practical email support answering any questions you might have and relevant feedback from your healing.

The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts seamlessly align and allow for your Highest needs to be met within the time frame you have requested.

Choose from the following programs:

Personalized Healing

“Thank you Illura so much for this very wonderful service. I can still feel the subtle layers of my being releasing through me and it has been very interesting to see many outer layers of my life and relationships changing for the better” – Joy, U.S

For information on the difference between our Broad Spectrum and Specialized monthly healing service, click here.

To book and discuss your needs for your Personalized healing contact Illura here.

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