Align With the Highest Resonance of That Which You Desire.

Manifestation Healing

 “I honestly believe it’s through the manifestation healing The Sacred Gates Masters provided to me so kindly and gently last night that I’ve found my healing home!” – N.H, Australia

* Please note >>> Due to this service being one of our specialty services, our current offer with our Insight Readings is not available when booking a Manifestation Healing. However, an Insight Reading can still be booked but usual price applies.

We help you manifest specific outcomes in your life by working with the Universal Laws of Alignment, because in order to attract that which you desire, you must first be aligned with the resonance of that which you desire – not by force – but by healing the composition of frequencies in your body and your mind.

Manifestation Healing

For example, if you would like to attract more money into your life, we start by aligning the composition of your current frequency so that you come into alignment with money’s Highest resonance.

As nothing is done by force requests that require force for example, making someone you like break up with the person they are with, well this interferes with freedom of choice and is not aligned with The Sacred Gates healing principles.

We also encourage our clients to actively make effort to align with their desired outcomes. As the story goes – if you want to win the lottery the Universal Laws of Alignment will support you, but you yourself must buy a lottery ticket!

As part of this service you will receive:

  • Your personalized manifestation carefully configured and placed on The Sacred Gates ‘healing table’, where it/you receive a powerful transmission through our dedicated dedicated crystals and other healing conduits on a regular basis.
  • All necessary feedback regarding your manifestation will be emailed to you.
  • A ‘releasing practice’ that will support your alignment and thus your ability to attract that which you would like.

Price: Due to this being a specialty service, prices may vary depending on the nature of the request. The minimum service fee is $250usd, but again it depends on the nature of the request.

To book and discuss your manifestation healing please contact Illura here

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