Healing Imagery

Images are powerful tools for transmuting energy.

Healing Imagery
This image is just an example and not of a real client.

Since time immemorial images have been used to communicate information, ideas, meaning, principles, and feelings.

When the image is of you surrounded by facets of your own recent healing, the image amplifies these healing frequencies communicated by your Highest level of consciousness – your Higher Self.

This is why The Sacred Gates provides personalized healing images to our clients upon request.

Clients have witnessed their own healing image actually changing over time as integration of the healing takes effect.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive emails like this:

“Hi Illura! I hope you’re well. I just noticed Illion’s Chakras are radiating and mmmuch brighter/more radiant than before
Thank you for all your help and for looking after him so well
✨🙏✨Sincerely Nicole”.

More to know about our healing image service –

    • Once you receive your image you can print or save it to your computer and/or phone, setting it up as a desktop image for regular viewing.
    • There are several ways that you can work with your image and we are happy to help you learn how.
    • We can also carefully place you or your loved ones healing image on our healing table that is specially tuned by our dedicated crystals and other healing conduits to receive regular healing transmission.
    • If you or your loved one are receiving ongoing healing, we will update your image if necessary free of charge!
  • The cost for a personalized healing image is $45usd.
Healing Imagery
This image is just an example and not of a real client.

If you would like a personalized healing image with your Insight reading and/or healing, please contact Illura here.