What does your symbol represent?

Sacred geometry is not only commonly used for Spiritual symbols and logos, yet many other avenues use Sacred geometry to succinctly communicate meaning which essentially is the expression of feeling.

The Sacred Gates symbol is no different.

It is multi-dimensional in that although it appears as a triangle, within a circle within a square – it is in fact a pyramid within a sphere within a cube.

These and many other geometric shapes are experienced within the practice of the many Tayshara forms.

Just as the word ‘Tayshara’, has many meanings, its Sacred symbol has many layers within it too; making the answer to the question “What does it represent?’ an answer with many dimensions!

This is because the symbols’ meaning is can actually be felt and over time embodied by aligning with the guiding principles of Tayshara itself.

Thus the answer may well vary depending on the experiential understanding of the one that asks the question.

Having said all that – for the word Tayshara and its symbol to hold any true meaning – the principles that Tayshara itself is founded upon must be actualized through sincere and regular practice of these principles.

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