What does it mean to receive a healing?

When you receive a healing or transmission from The Sacred Gates Masters and Master Adepts you are, on many levels, awakening access to the entire lineage of this ancient and Sacred art.

The ‘Tayshara’ lineage has and continues to preserve its Light through its allegiance to the core values and principles on which it stands.

When you receive direct transmission – through the active facilitation of the ‘Tayshara’ adepts – your entire being becomes immersed in direct communication with your ‘Higher Self’ and through the very essence of ‘Tayshara’ and the values that continually replenish, strengthen and protect it.

These same values and their affect will replenish, strengthen  and restore you. Not only that but your system will receive release from bindings and attachments and an increase in your level of clarity over all.

The healing can be offered to you no matter where you are in the world – as we work distantly for those not living in our location.

Each healing is intrinsically interconnected with any previous transmission and any transmission that follows.

This is due to the guiding principles themselves, the skills of The Sacred Gates Masters and teachers and how the sentience of every client communicates and interacts organically with the Sacred consciousness of the energies that are being transmitted.

During my healing will I be programmed or receive Sacred symbols from the Tayshara lineage?

At The Sacred Gates we do not add anything such as symbols or programs during our healing.

Rather we restore through the pure and transparent substance of emptiness that naturally dissolves bindings / forms / blocks / constrictions / contractions that have accumulated throughout time within each of us.

From emptiness comes creation – very pure creation – as the substance of emptiness creates very little friction as it passes through our clients. This is why our healing transmissions are felt as safe, clarifying, renewing, awakening and effective – just as drinking clean, clear water!

How does ‘distant healing’ work?

The true nature of time transcends ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. These are mere constructs that help us categorize and work with time in this reality.

Time and space is flexible, fluid, elastic, boundless and therefore fully capable of effortlessly transcending the limitations of physical distance and any and all limitations placed upon it through the intellectual mind.

That is why our adepts are able to facilitate healing no matter where you are physically located in the world – allowing you to receive a transmission that is un-constricted through times true fluidic and boundless essence.