How are you affiliated with the Life Mastery Guild?

The Sacred Gates Masters and Adepts essentially come from the The Life Mastery Guild.

The Life Mastery Guild is a foundation to all those that truly seek the Higher Self and Enlightenment path and if it were not for The Guild, the Tayshara lineage would not be known today.

Illura is a student of The Life Mastery Guild and honoured that The Life Mastery Guild includes the services she provides through The Sacred Gates on their ‘referrals’ page .

“We can without reservation recommend the teachers and Masters of the Sacred Gates to any seeking attainment through the Higher self and Enlightenment path. Though their outer form or methodology may differ in some regards to ours, what truly matters, within or beyond the outer form, their practices and transmissions are of the same infinite, pure, Higher self and Enlightenment qualities.” The Life Mastery Guild