Why do you not teach the ancient Tayshara forms on your YouTube channel?

The Tayshara forms, otherwise referred to as Tayshara’s are deeply healing and thus powerful.

As with all things that generate power, this power can be used to heal but equally it can be used to harm.

We take our responsibilities, as custodians of the Tayshara lineage very seriously and therefore would be providing a dis-service to others if we were to share specific Tayshara’s on a public platform such as YouTube – where anyone can access and use this knowledge and potentially either harm themselves and / or others.

Through the YouTube channel we share what it is that we perceive people need most at this time, which is information on the principles that heal, along with many practical tips that we feel would have minimum negative impact, if any at all, to anyone who would unknowingly or knowingly using this knowledge unskillfully or with ill intent.