Why must I know how many healings I want before I purchase your services?

Ensuring that each healing reaches its highest capacity within you is important to us, and so that we can serve you at the highest level it is vital that within a specific time frame we know how many healings you would like.

*This is not required for our once-per-month Broad Spectrum healing service.

The reason for this can be understood through observing how a house is built.

In order for a house to be built successfully, a set of blue prints must first be carefully drawn up with a clear design of the desired house to be.

If the blue prints are designed for a house with just one level and the house is built according to this exact design, it will prove quite a challenge to later alter the structure of the house to accommodate an entire new level.

Successfully adding a 2nd level, if not a 3rd level will require much of the structural design of the house to be different from its original design. Knowing beforehand what the desired design is going to be from the outset makes for a more efficient building process and outcome overall.

In the same way the structural design of each of our healing transmissions has within it a unique layering effect that allows each healing to seamlessly inter- connect with any healing that came before it and all that are to follow.

Upon purchasing multiple healings – all subsequent transmissions after the initial one are carefully timed when it is of most beneficial outcome to your Highest development.

If you need greater clarity regarding this, feel free to discuss this with Illura.