The ‘Higher Self’ also known as the ‘Awakened Self’, the ‘Universal Self’ , ‘Emptiness’, the ‘Primordial Self’, the ‘Infinite Self’, the ‘Spiritual Self’ or ‘Pure Self’ – is the highest aspect of your Spirit, your consciousness…YOU expressed through your body and mind!

Simply put – your ‘Higher Self’ is the opposite of your ‘Lower Self’.

The ‘Lower Self’ is the personality Self, the ‘I’ or ‘Ego’ Self, the less evolved part of our beings which often struggles with how to solve our life’s problems.

The ‘Higher Self’ when connected to takes care of the ‘Lower Self’ and makes life MUCH EASIER and MUCH DEEPER in meaning as the ‘Higher Self’ effortlessly connects to a VASTLY MORE EXPANDED understanding of our lives than that of our ‘Lower Self’.

Yet even though your ‘Higher Self’ is with you all the time and has the ability to contribute and change your life for the better, you can spend a lot of time, if not your entire lifetime blocking your senses from engaging with its frequencies.

Through the healing principles and practices of the Tayshara lineage, clients and students alike are supported in aligning and integrating their highest levels of consciousness,  leading to them to experience deeper states of connectivity and communication with their ‘Higher Self’.


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