“It was really nice to receive my healing. Thank you so much”.

Juli / Brazil

“This is my second healing with the sacred gates! I love the way I feel after their healings. I highly recommend! ”.

Oliver Clarke / nurse /Australia

Individualized Transmissions Spiritual Release Transmissons
Receiving an Individualized transmission Tayshara healing means receiving precise and high quality repair work that is 100% focused on restoring your unique blueprint.

Our transmissions move through all facets of your map of bio-technology – gently untangling, dissolving and releasing all that no longer serves you. The healing frequencies continue to ripple throughout your system once the transmission has been transmitted.

The methodologies that we use are not additive based – meaning we do not add, force or imprint such things as symbols or programs – ensuring that you receive a transmission that is clean, efficient and restorative.

Not only are our transmissions nourishing in their purity and completely tailored to your Highest personal needs, but you will also be provided with a specially guided meditation, [that many clients like to listen to before going to sleep], that prepares you for your healing transmission.

This service is well suited to ~

  • People who would like to receive a personalized Tayshara healing without investing in the audio product or written consultation service.
  • Those that want to receive a healing that is personalized rather than broad spectrum transmission.
  • Those that have previously invested in 14 days of Broad Spectrum transmission and now want to receive individualized transmission.

Find out what it means to receive a ‘direct transmission’ from the Tayshara lineage here.

Please note that purchase of an Individualized transmission healing does not include purchase of our audio product ‘Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ or our personalized consultation service.

Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials
powerful healing transmission

Receive Individualized Transmission from the Tayshara Lineage

60 minute Individualized Transmission – $215 USD

Prioritize the gift of a personalized healing!

Our healer teachers are fully trained to engage our lineages core principles in alignment with the ancient Tayshara forms, allowing your transmission to be just what you need – deeply healing!


We accept PayPal and direct bank deposit.

Please CONTACT us here to book your individualized healing transmission or

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Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials