28 Days of  Deep Tayshara Healing!

 – Revive, Return & Integrate The Restorative Power Of Your Universal Self –


Tayshara Restoration is a way of healing dis-ease by reviving, renewing, returning and integrating your mind and body through your Universal Self.

The Tayshara Restoration methods were once well-known by clerics, healers and warriors in an age when their very lives were dependent on measurable results.

Unfortunately, so much knowledge has been lost and forgotten that few in the modern world have experienced the true power once available through the Tayshara – that what was once well-known faded through time – becoming story, legend and finally believed to be myth.

Through the Adepts at the Sacred Gates, what has been thought as myth can now be known as real and the restorative power of your Universal Self can now be awakened to release impurities and heal dis-ease.

How can I benefit from a Tayshara Restoration?

Evolve your essential energy systems – including the major Sacred Gates, Chakras, Meridians and Grounding cords – safely.

Neutralize and release impurities within your mind and body.

Restore and return knowledge of your innate Spiritual gifts.

Receive direct transmission through The Sacred Gates Tayshara Adepts – returning and re-balancing you through the Light of your Sacred Universal Self. 

Why 28 days?

If you take a look at all forms of healing from conventional medicine to alternative therapies – it is very common for clients to have from up to 3 – 10 repeat consultations, and the reason for this is that repeated sessions allow for the necessary internal adjustments to be made and process themselves within the vessel that is ‘You’.

Within a period of 28 days – both our Adepts and our clients can be assured that the deepest – most precise and effective Restoration has taken place.

This is why we do not advocate extreme, ‘one off’ healing detox sessions, but rather enter into Restoration as an articulate process that respects both the client and the Art itself.

The 28 day Tayshara Restoration OFFERS YOU almost TRIPLE [x 3!] the amount of healing sessions usually offered for a personalized healing service you deserve!

“My restoration journey has released so much internal debris from my system”.

Matt.J / Chi Gong / Healing Touch / Oregon

The healing from the Sacred Gates has absolutely helped calm my mind through my body. I feel more in control of my life. Plus their online support is second to none”.

Lauren.B / C.A

“I am only 1 week into my 4 week healing journey with the sacred gates team and already I feel like I am more aware, but aware in a way that I have not known before now. The presence of these teachers is palpable”.

Maria.K / Australia

Our Service

‘Tayshara’ is a Healing experience that not only grants you access to the Key to all that is Sacred within you, but guides you through the Universal Gates to True Awakening of the Spirit!

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We look forward to providing you with high quality restorative care!

The Purest Light To You

The Sacred Gates.


Tayshara Is Spiritually Awakening You