What if I do not feel anything from the transmission?

Each client that receives transmission experiences the frequencies of ‘Tayshara’ through their own uniquely designed blue print that holds the map of all that they are from their most densest state – the physical body all the way through to their Light bodies. 

Due to the infinitely releasing effect of our transmissions, each client’s entire blue print with its intricately multi layered design absorbs and thus influences how they experience the Sacred medicine that transmits from our adepts.

For example some people feel the transmission straight away in varying degrees, some people with pre existing experience in meditation will notice the  threads of transmission emerging in their practice, while others receive the effects of the transmission through specific guidance via our online email support service. it can also be a mixture of all three paths.

In this way it is more about HOW will I feel the effects of the transmission rather than WILL I feel it.

Having said that what will restrict someone from consciously feeling the transmission is:

  • if the mind is being constricted through the substance of cynicism rather than discernment
  • a lack of willingness to follow the guidance offered through our email support [if you are receiving support].
  • the constricting effects of expectations that cloud logic, causing one to believe that any transmission, product or service should and thus will heal them without any effort on their part.
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