“It’s the first time I have experienced healing that doesn’t force a thing, yet Tayshara powerfully gentle AND effective.”. Amy Janto / L.A / CaliforniaI am experiencing Spiritual energy throughout my body in a way that is grounding and deeply calming…something I did not expect. Thank you so much!”  Rachael.J / Yoga Teacher / U.S

“I used to feel really drained of energy at the end of the day, but since receiving the generous Tayshara healing I have more usable energy for sure!” Shannon Reeves / Australia

“Extraordinary. Thank you very much”. J.P / U.S.

“Wow!!! I am speechless and totally blown away. The Sacred Gate teachers are truly gifted – true lightworkers of our time”. Raphael.N / Healer and Meditation Practitioner / Canada

“Thank you very much. I love you, bless you”. R.K / China

Thank you Illura so much for this very wonderful service. I can still feel the subtle layers of my being releasing through me and it has been very interesting to see many outer layers of my life and relationships changing for the better”.  Joy.T / Dance Therapist / Illinois

“I am glad I got in touch with The Sacred Gates – I now understand healing so much better that it has influenced the way I approach my own healing work. Thank you for sharing these teachings”. Diane.R / Reiki Practitioner / N.Y

” I have finally found what I call Spiritually! What have we all been doing? Get into what the Sacred Gates has to offer you!”. Emily.M / Naturopath / Australia

“Excellent”. S.J / Doctor / U.K

“My restoration journey has released so much internal wreckage from my system”. Matt.J, /Chi Gong Healing Touch / Oregon

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!” Brian. B / Meditation practitioner / U.K


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The Purest Light To You

The Sacred Gates.


Tayshara Is Spiritually Awakening You