Testimonials are a good way to learn about the healing experienced by others on their journey with The Sacred Gates – home of Tayshara!


We can without reservation recommend the teachers and Masters of the Sacred Gates to any seeking attainment through the Higher self and Enlightenment path. Though their outer form or methodology may differ in some regards to ours, what truly matters, within or beyond the outer form, their practices and transmissions are of the same infinite, pure, Higher self and Enlightenment qualities.

The Life Mastery Guild

“I have learnt how to feel my Higher Self. The instructions really make sense. It is crazily logical and insightful. I feel like I just tapped into the Universe!”

Dave Weller / Teacher / U.S

“Blown away by what has happened to me doing this training! I used to use a ventolin inhaler to stop daily asthma attacks I have had since I was a kid, but since practicing ‘Tayshara’ I have not touched my ventolin now for 6 months! Now, with all the healing this practice is giving me, my Higher Self is helping me get back into singing – a life long dream and calling of mine! My Higher Self and this lineage and of course the teachers are remarkable!”

Emily Keller / Marketing / Australia

“I have been receiving the ‘Tayshara’ transmissions now for eight and half months and Illura continues to help me as I change. Thank you ‘Tayshara’ and thank you Illura. I really feel lucky that I found you”. 

Merida George / Librarian / N.Z

“It’s the first time I have experienced healing that doesn’t force a thing, yet ‘Tayshara’ is powerfully gentle AND effective.”.

Amy Janto / U.S

“I am experiencing Spiritual energy throughout my body in a way that is grounding and deeply calming…something I did not expect. Thank you so much!”

Rachael.J / Yoga Teacher / U.S

“I used to feel really drained of energy at the end of the day, but since working with Illura and following the ‘Tayshara’ methods I now know how to balance my energy and  truly nourish myself! The transmissions are actually a gift to yourself for your life.”

Matsuri.M / U.K

“Extraordinary. Thank you very much”.

J.P / U.S. 

” ‘Tayshara’ has definitely increased my will power. This is not just fueling my Spiritual life, but other things that for most of my life have been a real struggle. Things like diet and issues in my marriage are getting better because these practices really do change you.

If you are willing to put in the time and get to know the principles they teach, I cannot recommend this group and their work enough! Thank you”.

Tom U.K

“These transmissions are not just some sit back and receive a healing kind of thing and your life is all better. It is more like a rites of passage you earn for your self as you follow the guidance given to you. The rewards are absolutely worth it. Nothing out there like it as far as I am concerned”.

Jack Powel / C.A

“Truly eye opening. It made me realize how much is left out of many of the teachings around today”.

Francis.P / U.S

“The ‘Tayshara’ teachings should be taught in all schools of healing and medical institutes because it works.Thank you so much!” 

Ulla K / Cranial Sacral Therapist / Germany

“Wow!!! I am speechless and totally blown away. The Sacred Gate teachers are truly gifted – true light workers of our time”.

Raphael.N / Healer and Meditation Practitioner / Canada

“Thank you very much. I love you, bless you”.

R.K / China

“Thank you Illura so much for this very wonderful service. I can still feel the subtle layers of my being releasing through me and it has been very interesting to see many outer layers of my life and relationships changing for the better”. 

Joy.T / Dance Therapist / Illinois

“I am glad I got in touch with The Sacred Gates. I now understand healing so much better that it has influenced the way I approach my own healing work. Thank you for sharing these teachings”.

Diane.R / Reiki Practitioner / N.Y

“I have finally found what I call Spirituality! What have we all been doing? Get into what the Sacred Gates has to offer you!”.

Emily.M / Naturopath / Australia


S.J / Doctor / U.K

“‘Tayshara’ has released so much internal wreckage from my system”. 

Matt.J / Chi Gong Healing Touch / Oregon

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!”

Brian.B / Meditation practitioner / U.K




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