Tayshara Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body'

Tayshara Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body

‘Tayshara Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body‘ is the complete audio instruction manual on how to safely liberate the inner path to your Higher Self.

Tayshara is a multi-dimensional organizational system that gives you the ability to dissolve all obstacles blocking you from connecting to your Higher Self – allowing you direct access to Higher healing frequencies.

The specific Tayshara forms taught in this audio series come with many positive side effects! -

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product Tayshara Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body
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Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ comes as two easy to open zip files available for download over a 48 hour time period. These include:

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If you choose to purchase the product by itself and later decide that you would like to receive the consultation and transmission service from us – no problem!

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Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials