– F. A .Q  About The Tayshara Transmissions –

Frequently Asked Questions about Tayshara

‘Tayshara’ has many translations.

The most basic being ‘The Sacred Way’ or ‘The Sacred Path’.

Tayshara is a body/mind art that offers practitioners a way in which to fully restore their ability to absorb Spiritual consciousness by safely and accurately developing their physical and mental conduits.

Through precise development the body and mind practitioners become a living temple for Spiritual energies to move through – ascension of the Spirit is made possible.

Learn more about the qualities and principles of the Tayshara lineage by clicking on the ‘YouTube’ image below: 

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‘Ascension’ literally means ‘rising up’ to higher levels.

In the same vein our adepts understand ‘Spiritual Ascension’ to mean  – consciousness that is able to move through all densities, causing it to deepen and expand itself through to the lighter and higher frequencies that naturally resonate and align with all that True and Sacred within.

For consciousness to ascend in this way it must be guided by specific principles that when practiced educate the body [temple] and mind [consciousness] simultaneously.

For one to enter the ascension stream, one must not only develop the mind but one must also understand experientially how to develop the physical body – for the body is the temple in which to train and develop the mind to attain ascension states.

Following core principles one is able to enter through the process of releasing blocks and resistances physically, mentally and emotionally – and so just like a helium balloon weighed down by rocks – as resistances are released, consciousness naturally ascends, which increases the ability to experience reality ‘as it is’ and thus experience a more heightened and deepened experience of reality itself.

All parts of you are developed. Nothing is left behind and this is why ‘Tayshara’ changes people and their lives.

When you receive a transmission you are, on many levels, awakening access to the entire lineage of this ancient and Sacred art.

The ‘Tayshara’ lineage has and continues to preserve its Light through its allegiance to the core values and principles on which it stands.

When you receive direct transmission – through the active facilitation of the ‘Tayshara’ adepts – your entire being becomes immersed in direct communication with your ‘Higher Self’ and through the very essence of ‘Tayshara’ and the values that continually replenish, strengthen and protect it.

These same values and their affect will replenish, strengthen  and restore you! Not only that but you will experience a deep release of all bindings and an increase in your level of clarity over all.

The transmission can be offered to you no matter where you are in the world – as we work distantly for those not living in our location.

Each transmission is intrinsically interconnected with any previous transmission and any transmissions that follows.

This is due to the guiding principles themselves, the way the teachers work with these principles and how the sentience of every client communicates and interacts organically with the Sacred consciousness of the energies that are being transmitted.


Unlike other lineages / practices the Tayshara lineage does not add anything. Rather we restore through the transparent substance of emptiness – dissolving all binds/forms/blocks etc that naturally arise during the transmission.

From emptiness comes creation – very pure creation as the substance of emptiness creates very little friction as it passes through our clients. – this is why our transmissions are so clean and powerful in their effortlessness.




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