– F. A .Q  About The Tayshara Transmissions –

Frequently Asked Questions about Tayshara

‘Tayshara’ has many translations.

The most basic being ‘The Sacred Way’ or ‘The Sacred Path’.

Tayshara is a body/mind art that offers practitioners a way in which to fully restore their ability to absorb Spiritual consciousness by safely and accurately developing their physical and mental conduits.

Through precise development the body and mind practitioners become a living temple for Spiritual energies to move through – ascension of the Spirit is made possible.

Learn more about the qualities and principles of the Tayshara lineage by clicking on the ‘YouTube’ image below: 

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The Higher Self and the journey is takes to connect with this sacred part of you is a process that continues as you developmentally transform your body and mind until you naturally align into complete Higher Self attainment.

Higher Self connection depends on many variables such as the amount of densities, blockages and restrictions one has accumulated over a life time both at the level of the the physical body , but the emotional and mental pathways also.

How long it takes is also influenced by the unique karmic lessons that one has to untangle in this current life and of course one’s willingness to take responsibility for their journey such as making sure to not only follow instructions given, but to engage in the practices regularly.


Unlike other lineages / practices the Tayshara lineage does not add anything. Rather we restore through the transparent substance of emptiness – dissolving all binds/forms/blocks etc that naturally arise during the transmission.

From emptiness comes creation – very pure creation as the substance of emptiness creates very little friction as it passes through our clients. – this is why our transmissions are so clean and powerful in their effortlessness.




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