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Frequently Asked Questions about Tayshara

‘Tayshara’ has many translations.

The most basic being ‘The Sacred Way’ or ‘The Sacred Path’.

Tayshara is a body/mind art that offers practitioners a way in which to fully restore their ability to absorb Spiritual consciousness by safely and accurately developing their physical and mental conduits.

Through precise development the body and mind practitioners become a living temple for Spiritual energies to move through – ascension of the Spirit is made possible.

Learn more about the qualities and principles of the Tayshara lineage by clicking on the ‘YouTube’ image below: 

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To receive a Tayshara transmission and learn the art you do not need to be religious. 

‘Ascension’ literally means ‘rising up’ to higher levels.

In the same vein our adepts understand ‘Spiritual Ascension’ to mean  – consciousness that is able to move through all densities, causing it to deepen and expand itself through to the lighter and higher frequencies that naturally resonate and align with all that True and Sacred within.

For consciousness to ascend in this way it must be guided by specific principles that when practiced educate the body [temple] and mind [consciousness] simultaneously.

For one to enter the ascension stream, one must not only develop the mind but one must also understand experientially how to develop the physical body – for the body is the temple in which to train and develop the mind to attain ascension states.

Following core principles one is able to enter through the process of releasing blocks and resistances physically, mentally and emotionally – and so just like a helium balloon weighed down by rocks – as resistances are released, consciousness naturally ascends, which increases the ability to experience reality ‘as it is’ and thus experience a more heightened and deepened experience of reality itself.

All parts of you are developed. Nothing is left behind and this is why ‘Tayshara’ changes people and their lives.

The ‘Higher Self’ also known as the ‘Awakened Self’, the ‘Universal Self’ , ‘Emptiness’, the ‘Primordial Self’, the ‘Infinite Self’, the ‘Spiritual Self’ or ‘Pure Self’ – is the highest aspect of your Spirit, your consciousness…YOU expressed through YOU!

Your ‘Higher Self’ is the opposite of your ‘Lower Self’.

The ‘Lower Self’ is the personality Self, the ‘I’ or ‘Ego’ Self, the less evolved part of our beings which often struggle with how to solve our life’s problems.

The ‘Higher Self’ when connected to takes care of the ‘Lower Self’ and makes life MUCH EASIER and MUCH DEEPER in meaning as the ‘Higher Self’ effortlessly connects to a VASTLY MORE EXPANDED understanding of our lives than that of our ‘Lower Self’.

Yet even though your ‘Higher Self’ is with you all the time and has the ability to contribute and change your life beyond what you could ever imagine, you can spend a lot of time, if not your entire lifetime blocking it from really engaging with you.

Instruction based training available from ‘The Sacred Gates’ ensures successful connectivity and communication with your ‘Higher Self’, for we have not found a better teacher than the one found right within each individual person’s highest levels of consciousness.

The Higher Self and the journey is takes to connect with this sacred part of you is a process that continues as you developmentally transform your body and mind until you naturally align into complete Higher Self attainment.

Higher Self connection depends on many variables such as the amount of densities, blockages and restrictions one has accumulated over a life time both at the level of the the physical body , but the emotional and mental pathways also.

How long it takes is also influenced by the unique karmic lessons that one has to untangle in this current life and of course one’s willingness to take responsibility for their journey such as making sure to not only follow instructions given, but to engage in the practices regularly.

The ‘Higher Self’ connection 100% makes living your most divine purpose a lot clearer, easier and thus more efficient, for that is your ‘Higher Self’s’ goal.

Living a life in full connection with your ‘Higher Self’ does not mean that you will never experience suffering again, but how you experience and respond to suffering does change.

Over time, through a dedicated practice, you  will experience less suffering.


Our professional and accurate email support is there to guide you in practical ways that directly reflect your unique blue print and progression.

In fact our clients have found our support to be well…supportive and are often at first surprised at how intuitively precise our support is.

Along with the positive impact of the transmissions, our email support keeps students focused on the process of development that opens up to them during and after receiving the transmission/s.

Our dedicated customer support is not compulsory, but it is recommended especially for beginners to inter-meditate level practitioners. 

Each client that receives transmission experiences the frequencies of ‘Tayshara’ through their own uniquely designed blue print that holds the map of all that they are from their most densest state – the physical body all the way through to their Light bodies. 

Due to the infinitely releasing effect of our transmissions, each client’s entire blue print with its intricately multi layered design absorbs and thus influences how they experience the Sacred medicine that transmits from our adepts.

For example some people feel the transmission straight away in varying degrees, some people with pre existing experience in meditation will notice the  threads of transmission emerging in their practice, while others receive the effects of the transmission through specific guidance via our online email support service. it can also be a mixture of all three paths.

In this way it is more about HOW will I feel the effects of the transmission rather than WILL I feel it.

Having said that what will restrict someone from consciously feeling the transmission is if the mind is being constricted through the substance of cynicism rather than discernment, a lack of willingness to follow the guidance offered through our email support and/or the constricting effects of expectations that cloud logic, causing one to believe that any transmission, product or service should and thus will heal them without any effort on their part.

‘Tayshara’ is complimentary to all and any pre-existing Spiritual practice, due to the guiding principles that ‘Tayshara’ is founded upon.

In fact most, if not all of our clients have noticed that ‘Tayshara’ nourishes and accelerates their Spiritual development and pre-existing Spiritual practices, rather than hinder it.

When you receive a transmission you are, on many levels, awakening access to the entire lineage of this ancient and Sacred art.

The ‘Tayshara’ lineage has and continues to preserve its Light through its allegiance to the core values and principles on which it stands.

When you receive direct transmission – through the active facilitation of the ‘Tayshara’ adepts – your entire being becomes immersed in direct communication with your ‘Higher Self’ and through the very essence of ‘Tayshara’ and the values that continually replenish, strengthen and protect it.

These same values and their affect will replenish, strengthen  and restore you! Not only that but you will experience a deep release of all bindings and an increase in your level of clarity over all.

The transmission can be offered to you no matter where you are in the world – as we work distantly for those not living in our location.

Each transmission is intrinsically interconnected with any previous transmission and any transmissions that follows.

This is due to the guiding principles themselves, the way the teachers work with these principles and how the sentience of every client communicates and interacts organically with the Sacred consciousness of the energies that are being transmitted.


Unlike other lineages / practices the Tayshara lineage does not add anything. Rather we restore through the transparent substance of emptiness – dissolving all binds/forms/blocks etc that naturally arise during the transmission.

From emptiness comes creation – very pure creation as the substance of emptiness creates very little friction as it passes through our clients. – this is why our transmissions are so clean and powerful in their effortlessness.

In regards to distant healing and physical distance and time – the true nature of time transcends ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. These are mere constructs that help us categorize and work with time in this reality.

The true nature of time and space] is flexible, fluid, elastic, boundless and therefore effortlessly transcends physical distance and any and all limitations placed upon it through the intellectual mind.

This fact enables the adepts at ‘The Sacred Gates’ to facilitate restoration no matter where you physically are located.

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