Specialized healing transmissions from the 'Tayshara' lineage
Our specialized transmissions have a positive impact on your Spiritual / personal development – for you are choosing to receive the seed and blueprint of this esteemed lineage into your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, karmic, and spiritual bodies.

“Thank you Illura so much for this very wonderful service. I can still feel the subtle layers of my being releasing through me and it has been very interesting to see many outer layers of my life and relationships changing for the better”. 

Joy.T / Dance Therapist / Illinois 

“We can without reservation recommend the teachers and Masters of the Sacred Gates to any seeking attainment through the Higher self and Enlightenment path. Though their outer form or methodology may differ in some regards to ours, what truly matters, within or beyond the outer form, their practices and transmissions are of the same infinite, pure, Higher self and Enlightenment qualities”.

 The Life Mastery Guild 

the sacred gates
This specialized service provides clients with the opportunity to receive the blue print from the Sacred lineage known as 'Tayshara'. You can receive one or multiple transmissions directly from the 'Tayshara' lineage through the Sacred Gates fully trained and licensed teachers.

Due to the infinite source and purity of the frequencies of our transmissions, combined with our unique restorative methods, our clients experience a deep and vast internal expansion of infinite space emerging from within. This is healing and simply a natural effect of engaging the substance/state/essence/quality of transparency, dissolution, letting go, emptiness and release.

Our methodologies are not additive based – meaning we do not add, force or imprint such things as symbols or programs – thus you can be assured that by receiving a transmission through our lineage you are receiving a transmission that is exceptionally clean, safe and nourishing in all ways and through all levels of who you are and who you have so far understand yourself to be.

Many of our of clients comment of how effortless aspects of themselves and their lives become as they experience the healing frequencies awakened within them. Frequencies that directly reflect the principles that are the bedrock of ‘Tayshara’.

Our transmissions lighten and release the multitudes of layers of bindings stored for years within – further broadening, clarifying, clearing and raising one’s entire conscious awareness through increased clarity and infinite space! Positive change comes so much more easily once all that was bound has been unraveled and released itself.

This service is suited to ~

  • Practitioners of any art or methodology wanting to experience their practice through the principles of Tayshara.
  • Those with an interest and understanding of the internal workings of the body/mind connection and want to develop their understanding in alignment with our methods of release. Those with a sincere willingness to consistently put into practice all they learn and receive from the teachings and transmissions from this ancient healing art.

With any purchase of our ‘specialized’ transmission, you receive your copy of our precise & in-depth audio product ‘Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ – complete with 22-page photo guide and specialized meditations.

Learn more about our product ‘Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ here.

Find out what it means to receive a ‘direct transmission’ from the Tayshara lineage here.

We also provide all our practitioners with our personalized consultation service via email. More information on that here.

Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials

Receive Specialized Transmission from the Tayshara Lineage

~ We have several options available for you ~

powerful healing transmission

One Individual Transmission – $700 USD

This one off transmission is tailored to meet the needs of your uniquely designed blue print and integrates its full effect through  one complete transmission.

powerful healing transmission

Progressive Package of Three Transmissions – $1,600 USD

Appropriately timed in their delivery – receive three transmissions that progressively saturate your entire blueprint within the essence of ‘Tayshara’ – opening you to the Light consciousness of this esteemed lineage within you.

powerful healing transmission

Progressive Package of Nine Transmissions – $4,800 USD

The Progressive Package of Nine transmissions provides a stream of transmission that accurately accelerates the development of your Higher bodies through the highly awakened and pure consciousness that is ‘Tayshara’.

As with the three transmissions, this progressive package of nine transmissions supports the continuous development  of the ‘Tayshara’ lineage in complete alignment with your specific blue print.

With every transmission building upon the last and weaving seamlessly into the next – you will experience a continuous upgrade as the transmissions naturally heighten, deepen and thus broaden your infinite map of consciousness

Special discounted price for those receiving the ‘Progressive Package of Three Transmissions’

Should you decide before the commencement of your third transmission that you would like to continue with further transmission – you can receive another 6 transmissions [creating 9 transmissions in total] – at a discounted price.

The price to be paid for the 6 transmissions is $2,500 USD – giving you a $700 discount making the total price of both the ‘Progressive Package of Three Transmissions’ and the ‘Progressive Package of Nine Transmissions’ $4,100 USD.

powerful healing transmission

Ensuring that each transmission reaches its highest capacity within you – is important to us!

So that we can serve you at the highest level it is vital that within a specific time frame we know how many transmissions you would like. The reason for this can be understood through observing how a house is built.

In order for a house to be built successfully, a set of blue prints must first be carefully drawn up with a clear design of the desired house to be.

If the blue prints are designed for a house with just one level and the house is built according to this exact design, it will prove quite a challenge to later alter the structure of the house to accommodate an entire new level.

Successfully adding a 2nd level, if not a 3rd level will require much of the structural design of the house to be different from its original design. Knowing beforehand what the desired design is going to be from the outset makes for a more efficient building process and outcome overall.

In the same way the structural design of each of our transmissions has within it a unique layering effect that allows  each transmission to seamlessly inter- connect with any transmission that came before it and all transmissions that are to follow.

Upon purchasing multiple transmissions – all subsequent transmissions after the initial one are carefully timed when it is of most beneficial outcome to your Highest development.

To help prepare you for the transmission, you will receive a specifically designed meditation in mp3 format.

Email support is also provided in order to answer all questions and provide you with precise, individualized guidance.


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Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials