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**Please note: we are currently working with our maximum amount of clients for our Restoration Immersion program.  If you are interested in this Restorative program please contact Illura here and we will  answer any queries you have and put you on our waiting list if you so choose.

The Sacred Gates provides specialized training in the form of a 9 week immersion, restoring your connection with the Multi-Dimensional aspects of your consciousness – your Higher Self.

This ‘specialized training’ is aimed at clients seriously looking to invest, develop and integrate the multi-dimensional aspects of their body-mind technology.

Through the support and guidance of The Sacred Gates adepts, this training immerses the practitioner into 9 weeks with 3 required stages designed to clear, cleanse and organize the multitudes of internal pathways – restoring connection between the client and their ‘Higher Self’.

Enable higher understanding and clarity of yourself and life in general.

Infinitely alter your intellectual and experiential understanding of your body-mind technology.

Release emotional and mental densities repeating in your physical body and mental habit patterns. 

Receive accurate email support from one of our experienced teachers throughout the entire period of immersion.

Become recipients of clean energetic download direct from the ‘Tayshara’ lineage itself and The Sacred Gates teachers throughout the entire 9 weeks of immersion.


Bookings are by request.

Please contact Illura through our contact form.

Here is what clients have shared with us about their Immersion experience – 


“This course is not some sit back and receive a healing kind of course. It is more like a rites of passage you earn for yourself. This course you need patience and effort and the rewards are absolutely worth it. Nothing out there like it as far as I am concerned”.

Jack Roberts / C.A

“Extraordinary. Thank you very much”.

J.P/ U.S

“The 9 week immersion was not what I expected. It has taken my spiritual path to another level – many levels”.

D.L / Australia

Thank you Illura so much for this very wonderful service. I can still feel the subtle layers of my being releasing through me and it has been very interesting to see many outer layers of my life and relationships changing for the better”. 

Joy.T / Dance Therapist / Illinois

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!”

Brian.B / Meditation practitioner / U.K

“My restoration journey has released so much internal wreckage from my system”. 

Matt.J / Chi Gong Healing Touch / Oregon

The Purest Light To You.

The Sacred Gates.

'Tayshara' – The Missing Link To Your Higher Self Connection.