Emily Turned Her Emotional Overwhelm & Meditation Grind Into A Self Care Energy Routine —That She Actually Looks Forward To

‘Recognition’ is a Sacred gate that far too many of us avoid or simply forget to pass through! We cannot develop nor fully appreciate what we do not recognize in ourselves, which is why we wanted to feature one our students from across the globe whose wise choices are having a positive impact on their reality.

Emily has been nothing short of determined to turn around her own Spiritual path! Based in America, Emily is a social worker who was suffering from regular bouts of mental and emotional overwhelm that prevented her from stabilizing a regular meditation practice. She also felt that even though she was feeling a lot of energy she had no real understanding of it and how to work with it in order to make herself feel better and achieve her goals.

Q&A With Emily

Here she shares how she activated her Spiritual self-care routine by turning a dying meditation practice into a daily healing experience in just 4 months.

Pay close attention to this Q&A and you’ll learn how Emily:

  • Turned her emotional overwhelm into a reason to sit and meditate.
  • Transformed a rigid meditation practice into something to look forward to.
  • Grew to have a real understanding of her own energy – even though she could not feel energy clearly.
  • Maintains a daily practice.
Q&A With Emily

What caused to you become more committed than before to your own Spiritual development?

As you know I am a social worker and my job comes with a lot of stress, not just from clients but from all facets of this industry. Over the last few years,I had seen a couple of my work colleagues burn out and I saw how much it impacted their healthphysically, mentally and spiritually and I just thought I have to do everything I can to avoid this otherwise I am going to wind up just like them – totally exhausted, depleted and sick!

What had been your biggest challenge with your Spiritual practice up until that point?

It was all the ups and downs of it all. I had experienced before how helpful meditation could be for me, but it felt so draining to always be at war with it. It did feel like a war most of the time and I just wanted to get it going so that it could support me, so that I could have that positive feeling I had had before.

Can you describe that feeling that you wanted and do you feel it nowadays?

There were times when I would meditate for maybe 3 days in a row and I would always feel so much calmer. I think calm is it which felt really grounding to me.

I definitely feel more like that these days. It feels like it is becoming easier for me to be calm. To be honest I feel relief as only a short while ago I was starting to believe that I could never have that you know?

But I know that if I were not practicing every day that this feeling would go away, so I just keep practicing!

If you were to share one thing with someone that believes that they can’t have that calm grounded feeling, what would that be?

Apart from the obvious which is to be consistent with your practice, I would honestly tell them that it really helps to understand how your body, mind, emotions and energy all work together. This really helped me to make sense of how to support myself because I knew what there wasto support!

Q&A With Emily

“It really helps to understand how your body, mind, emotions and energy all work together.”

So meditation was hard at first, but you figured out a way to not only sit down butturn it into something meaningful for yourself. Tell me about that transformation.

Well because I was so flighty, I would sort of pop off my meditation cushion in the middle of meditating! Like there was a fire under my butt! I was prolific!

So, I started out with a practice that I did not really like at first, but because I knew why I did not like it helped me stick with it until the practice helped me sort of equalize myself until I was ready to sit down.

So, my meditation at that point actually started with me standing up until I was ready to sit down.

Then there was this point where I started to really pay attention to what was going on in my mind and because I knew what I needed to do once my eyes were closed, I had a lot more confidence. Meditation then became more like my ‘R&R’ [research and development] time!

What also helped was feeling my own energy before meditating. It had never occurred to me that I might need some energy work before I meditated. This made a really big difference to me. So now I just work on my vital energy before I meditate and I go into meditation mode form there!

So, when did you start relating to your practice as a practitioner?

I think it was that point where I realized that meditation is all about getting to know yourself. I was like ‘I can’t believe I never knew this! I have to do this because it is real, everyone should be doing this!’

Plus, the more I could feel my own energy the more I knew myself too. So, every day I meet myself able to actually do something if I am not feeling good, so yes, I feel like I got something I am working on here!

Q&A With Emily

“So, every day I meet myself able to actually do something if I am not feeling good.”

How did that feel to feel your own energy after having been unsure about it for so long?

It felt like a nice surprise but at the same time it felt completely normal to me.

Do you think that all the awareness training you did first made sensing energy so natural for you?

Yeah, it did because my mind was all over the place so nothing else felt easy until I got some practice down and observed what was going on in there! It’s taken me time to learn how to soften my awareness and it doesn’t feel like a walk in the park quite yet, but I am really grateful for both practices because they complement each other so well and this helps me to keep going!

Yes, keep going! What is something that you can now feel within your own energy field that you couldn’t feel before?

I can actually feel my own vital energy!

At first it was not obvious but once I got it it was very obvious and now, I can always feel it when I tune in. Not only that but I can also give vital energy to my kidneys which do feel drained after a long day working. This feels like heaven and it helps me train for longer because I feel better from my training.

Q&A With Emily

“I can actually feel my own vital energy.”

Now that you know the mechanics of feeling what was missing before for you?

It is all about what my mind is doing. When my mind is doing what it is meant to do then feeling energy is quite easy and light and doable, but if my mind is not observing objectively then it feels like I can’t break through to that soft, easy state of feeling that I love!

Have your goals changed now that you can recognize your development over the last four months? Tell me about them.

Yes and no! My goal is always to keep up a regular practice every day. That is a big one for me, so I have to stick to that if I am going to reach any of my other goals, which are to do with healing physical health issues. That would be really great to be able to do that!

I would also like to get to the level where I can keep a certain level of training going at work and my only other goal right now is to learn how to open the sacred gates in my body!

Did becoming a student of The Sacred Gates help change things for you? 

Most definitely! The Sacred Gates has helped me so much! I feel so grateful. Every time I sit down to practice, I feel blessed to have the knowledge that I now know and my practice too. Plus, the support I get whenever I need it has been really important for me to me keep going.

Thank you, Emily, and remember that everything you are getting out of your training is because of what you are putting into it! You’re incredible!


What did you notice from Emily’s story? Any ‘ahas’ you can apply to your experience of your own journey? Let us know in the comments below.

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