Far from ornamental words.


Far from ornamental words 

“In the martial arts it is commonly said that the true battle is the one with yourself.

What does this mean?

It is the fight to move through our own fears, immobilizations, weaknesses and doubts.

That – actually moving through continually – gives the repetition, inertia and familiarity – and it is this continually refining moving through – finding tasks that require us to take action – so that physical energy can strengthen and positively focus mental and emotional energy – which then reciprocates.

The result may or may not be that our own fears, immobilizations, weaknesses and doubts actually become weaker – but it doesn’t matter – because we have used them to make our will, concentration and focus so flexibly, fluidly strong that in truth?  We don’t know whether they have actually become weaker or whether we have just become so strong internally that they pose no challenge at all.

Right there in those moments – your will and inner strength to moving through your own fears is becoming stronger.

When you observe your fear – soften any reactivity to the sensation of fear and soften any additional reactivity of aversion which seeks to come up.

You are opening – creating space – through softening and releasing into – passing through the flames of fear – forging your strength and will each moment you make this choice.

When you are familiar with these mechanics through repetition – you merely need to shift – and you are immediately in tune to the song of the warrior.”

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