Healing Songs

Would you like to feel more relaxed about money?

Here is a song I have written and sing for you that –

💗 Brings healing to your relationship with money

💗 Helps you relax into money and

💗 Releases you into receiving from the loving consciousness that money is!

This beautiful music, written and composed by Aakash Gandhi [courtesy of YouTube’s Royalty Free music tracks], is titled “Invisible Beauty” ©.

The lyrics to ‘Relax my dear – I Am Money‘ are sung from the perspective of money itself and were inspired by the truly inspirational Money with Heart email series created by Caroline Sherrard who runs Quiet Power Coaching – helping small business owners have success, peace of mind and clarity while being their authentic self.

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Thanks for listening!

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I would love to hear how this song made you feel or what it has inspired in you today!

"Hi Illura! I just listened to your song! You have a Beautiful voice and the song is lovely—Thank you 🙏 For some reason I became very emotional!"
Patron to The Sacred Gates

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