Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tayshara mean?

Sacred transformation of the body into the ‘Ascension Body’.

Do I need to be religious in order to receive Tayshara?

No, you do not need to be religious in order to receive a healing from our lineage or to work on yourself Spiritually.

How do The Sacred Gate teachers understand and explain ‘Ascension’?

‘Ascension’ literally means ‘rising up’ to higher levels. It is in this same vein that our adepts understand ‘Spiritual Ascension’ to mean – consciousness that is deepening and expanding through to the where all that is True and Sacred exist within.

For consciousness to ascend in this way it must enter through the process of releasing blocks and resistances – and so just like a helium balloon weighed down by rocks – as resistances are released, consciousness naturally ascends, which increases the ability to experience reality ‘as it is’ – and thus experience a more heightened and deepened experience of reality itself.

What does the ‘Universal Self’ mean?

The ‘Universal Self’ – also known as the ‘Awakened Self’, ‘Emptiness’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Spiritual Self’ or ‘Pure Self’ – is an expression of consciousness that is releasing impurities through the practice of neutralization. These resistances are experienced as blocks in energy and when released the ‘Self’ naturally moves into a state of reviving and restoring itself – returning itself to what can only be experienced as Universally whole and Sacred.

How long does a Restoration take to complete?

The Tayshara Adepts work in alignment with the individual needs of each client. The Restoration process takes effect immediately and continues to ripple through the clients system until clear.

Do you offer online support with your Restoration service?

Before the Restoration begins we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have via email, but during the period of immersion we do not offer support via email due to reasons that serve best your Highest good.

How much does the restoration cost?

A Tayshara Restoration costs $425 usd.

We accept payment via Pay Pal before the commencement of the Restoration.

I already have a Spiritual practice, but I am interested in receiving a Tayshara Restoration. How complimentary is this healing to other Spiritual practices?

Due to Tayshara’s ability to neutralize impurities, a Tayshara Restoration  is complimentary to all and any pre-existing Spiritual practices. In other words – a Tayshara Restoration will support and strengthen your Spiritual development, rather than hinder it.

What does it mean to ‘receive direct transmission’?

When you receive a Tayshara Restoration you are, on many levels, awakening access to the entire lineage of this ancient and Sacred Art.

The Tayshara lineage holds allegiance to the core values and principles on which Tayshara stands.

This means that when you receive the transmission – through the active facilitation of the Tayshara Adepts – your entire being becomes immersed in direct communication with the very essence of the Tayshara Restoration method.


Can I focus the Restoration on healing a specific issue or issues?

In staying true to its core principles – Tayshara dissolves all impurities that present within a clients body, mind, emotions and energy structure.

In its ability to neutralize, the process of renewal  is 100% unconditional and therefore supersedes the need to control, limit or restrict the restoration by making preferences as to what can be restored.

Put it this way:  if you decide that it is time to take a shower in order to get clean – do you immerse just one part of your body in the flowing water? No! Your enter fully into the flow of water, ensuring that all of you is cleansed clean!

How does a distant healing work?

In regards to physical distance and time- the true nature of time transcends ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. These are merely constructs that help us categorize and work with time in this reality.

The true nature of time is flexible – thus boundless and therefore transcends physical distance and any limited concepts of time itself.

This fact enables the teachers restorers at The Sacred Gates to facilitate restoration no matter where you are or what you are doing.

How permanent is the healing?

A Tayshara healing takes place through the neutralization and release of impurities throughout your being. The Sacred Gates healers are the facilitators for that return to occur – through you.

The internal connections made by your Sacred Self are temporary, because  in order to experience permanent connectivity the client must become their own facilitator – a practitioner of the Tayshara lineage.

Put it this way: when a patient receives surgery – upon leaving the hospital the surgeon does not go home with the patient and continue working on them. Similarly – after receiving a Tayshara Restoration our adepts cannot maintain the clients Sacred internal connections created through the Restoration. It then becomes the responsibility and opportunity for the client to continue deepening and working to maximize these connections.

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