“Thank you very much. I love you, bless you”

R.K / China

“Illura thank you so much for the Broad Spectrum transmission these last few months. I know it helped me transistion through what has been a difficult time for me lately”.

Dominque / U.S.A

Best Broad Spectrum Transmission
Fourteen days of Broad Spectrum Tayshara transmission allows you to saturate, for an entire fortnight, in the healing frequencies that clarify, untangle, dissolve and release all that is no longer serving you.  

These daily transmissions energetically support you throughout your chosen period of time – allowing you to effortlessly absorb the high quality healing frequencies from The Sacred Gate’s Master teachers and the Sacred lineage that is Tayshara.

No matter what kind of transmission you receive, our methodologies are not additive based – meaning we do not add, force or imprint such things as symbols or programs – thus you can be assured that by receiving a broad spectrum transmission coverage that you are receiving clean, liberating thus restorative frequencies on a daily basis.

We are happy to say that many of our clients have experienced positive changes during their 14 day treatment!

This service is suited to ~

  •  People who want to receive clean, expansive, releasing and restorative healing transmission to support them during their day to day life.
  • Those that want to receive broad spectrum healing transmission and energetic support timed specifically for a challenging transition period.
  • Spiritual practitioners entering into retreat that would like to receive an ongoing quality transmission that further supports their development during their retreat time.
  • Those that are not ready to invest in our specialized transmissions yet still want to receive healing from the Tayshara blueprint.

Please note that this service does not include our audio product ‘Tayshara – Opening the Sacred Gates of the Body’ or our online personalized consultation service.

Find out what it means to receive a ‘direct transmission’ from the Tayshara lineage here.

Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials
powerful healing transmission

Receive Broad Spectrum Transmission from the Tayshara Lineage

Fourteen days of daily Broad Spectrum Transmission – $275 USD

Give yourself the gift of daily healing timed for ~

A specific season in your life

 During a challenging time

Or simply increase your self healing day to day!

These transmissions provide you with an overall daily coverage of healing through the transparent, dissolving nature of Tayshara’s healing principles.


We accept PayPal and direct bank deposit.

Please CONTACT us here to book your 14 days of Broad Spectrum Tayshara transmission or

feel free to ask any questions you might have.

– We are here to help you! –

Healing Tayshara Transmissions - testimonials