The adepts at the Sacred Gates have all been graded and licensed as teachers and Restorers of the Tayshara lineage. 

We are pledged to revival, renewal and returning the balance of our clients and planet to the alignment of Light. 

As Tayshara Restorers we facilitate healing through the Higher Self of our clients, releasing impurities which are the true cause of all dis-ease.

The Sacred Gates is, and has been for some time, a stronghold where development of the Spirit is made real for those truly seeking and willing to awaken their Higher potential for Spiritual consciousness.

The Sacred Gates is made up of a small group of teachers that embrace the principles and practice of ‘Tayshara’.

Our inner circle of teachers are not akin to any Spiritual Guru or Higher ascended source, but instead align themselves with an ascension path that embodies our values of respect, discipline, honesty, compassion, clarity and integrity.

It is from these foundations that our highly trained teachers offer “Tayshara – Opening the Sacred gates of the Body’ as a concise discourse and manual for you- guiding you to awaken to your Higher Self.

'Tayshara' – The Missing Link To Your Higher Self Connection.