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Restoration is healing through the neutralization and release of impurities resulting in a return to your Universal Self and its power to free you from dis-ease. 

This transformation occurs through your body and mind and is facilitated precisely by the Sacred Gate Healers .




Increased emotional and mental calm.

Increased vital life energy.

Your True Life purpose guided by your Sacred Universal Self.

Safe release of impurities.

Increased intuition & clarity.

Restoration and renewal of the body’s energetic systems.

Renewed levels of  mental stability and emotional grounding.

Benefit from almost triple [x3] ! the amount of healing sessions usually offered for those wanting a precise and personalized healing effect.

“If you are ready to invest in receiving the very essence of healing, then this is it!” Brian. B / Meditation Practitioner / U.K

“For the last two years I have received this healing twice a year. Why? Because I have yet to find a service that restores the multitude of imbalances I experience from living in this world on a day to day basis!” Chris C / N.Y

Tayshara Restorations

Each Restoration is rendered under the precise and discerning eye of a Tayshara Adept for 28 days from beginning to end. 

The rendering of all Tayshara Restorations is usually completed in 28 days, from which the process of reviving, renewal and returning of your Universal Self  will self-progress until the impurities which are causing your dis-ease are fully released. 


Your investment to receive a Restoration from our Tayshara Adepts is $535.

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We look forward to providing you with high quality restorative care! 

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